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  • 29 Aug 2023 6:37 AM | Brady Carr (Administrator)

    American Classical Academy Maury Public Hearing 

    September 21, 2023 @ 4:00 pm

    Location:  Horace O. Porter School 1101 Bridge St. Columbia, TN 38401

    Complete Details Including: How to Comment In Writing & In Person

    All concerned citizens are encouraged to follow the link above and let your opinions be heard.  The Executive Committee of the Maury County Republican Party continues to support the GOP party platform of providing school choice to ALL students.  

  • 11 Aug 2023 11:23 AM | Brady Carr (Administrator)

    MCRP Letter & Update on Gov. Lee’s Red Flag Law Special Session

    Red Flag Law Letter 08.09.23.pdf

    The MCRP is urging ALL Freedom Loving citizens to remind our governor and the Tennessee legislature who it is they work for!  Details are currently being worked out on caravanning to the capital.  Those details should be available early next week.  As soon as they are finalized, they will be sent to everyone on our list.


    We have a list of 25 or so who are suspected of being on the governor’s “flip list”.  This is a list of those legislators who, from several sources, are possibly "soft" on the issue of Red Flag Laws.  We cannot know for sure how they will vote, but some will be easier to predict than others, simply by observing their past voting record.  REMEMBER...these names are likely...nothing is assured and things can change.  When you call try to get them to commit to saying NO or YES to the Red Flag Laws.



    Charlie Baum   District 37-Murfreesboro   


    Clark Boyd       District 46-Lebanon           


    Rush Bricker    District 47-Tullahoma         


    Mark Cochran  District 23-Englewood       


    Jeremy Faison     District 11-Cosby           


    John Gillespie      District 97-Memphis       


    Michael Hale        District 40-Smithville       


    Patsy Hazelwood   District 27-Signal Mountain   


    Esther Helton-Haynes    District 30-East Ridge     


    John Holsclaw    District 4-Elizabethtown             


    Sabi Kumar      District 66-Springfield         


    Tom Leatherwood     District 99-Shelby Co     


    Mary Littleton   District 78-Dickson             


    Susan Lynn      District 57-Mt. Juliet           


    Pat Marsh        District 62-Shelbyville         


    Jerome Moon   District 8-Maryville             


    Lowell Russell   District 21-Vonroe             


    Mike Sparks      District 49-Smyrna             


    Robert Stevens     District 13-Smyrna         


    Ron Travis       District 31-Dayton               


    Kevin Vaughan    District 95-Collierville       


    Mark White          District 83-Memphis       


    Sam Whitson       District 65-Franklin         



    Dale Carr       District 12-Sevierville           


    Jeff Burkhart    District 75-Clarksville         


    John Crawford   District 1-Bristol/Kingsport   


    Rick Eldridge     District 10-Morristown       


  • 4 Aug 2023 1:17 PM | Brady Carr (Administrator)

    At a special called meeting of the Maury County Commission last evening, the commission unanimously approved a grant of nearly $3.5 million.  

    To Meeting & Grant Details

  • 4 Aug 2023 12:32 PM | Brady Carr (Administrator)

    August 03, 2023


    To seem high-minded and caring, lefties cloak themselves in self-aggrandizing outrage. The fashionable “worries” they latch onto help them virtue signal that they are better than the rest of us.

    Topping their list is “global warming” or “climate change” (that way they cover both hot and cold). One thing we know for sure: “climate change” is the Number One cause of documentaries in America. The second is anything racial. And now, song lyrics.

    Jason Aldean’s country song “Try That in a Small Town” really got the left spun up. This is a simple song; the music video was filmed in front of our beautiful courthouse in my hometown of Columbia, Tennessee. Columbia is a great, diverse town, 67 percent White, 18 percent Black and about 10 percent Hispanic. When I was growing up there, everyone got along. It is not some racist small town like the left has implied.

    Getting mad about a “dog whistle” in such a song is beyond the pale. When I was a child there in the 70s, the song “Afternoon Delight” (about a couple sneaking away for a quickie) would come on the radio while the family was driving down the road. We all sang along together.

    Maybe we were naïve, but you certainly cannot do that with rap songs or Cardi B’s “WAP.” Yet somehow “Try That in a Small Town” got banned by CMT? Really?

    There are a lot of small towns in America. Of our nation’s 325 million people, 205 million of them (over 60 percent) live in an incorporated place. And about 75 percent of the 19,500 incorporated cities have fewer than 5,000 people. Only 4 percent (780) of all cities have more than 50,000 living in them. Thus, only about 39 percent of the U.S. population (127 million) live in those “big cities.”

    Atlanta, New York and L.A. are examples of big cities gone bad. They are filled with people who moved there because they think they are too good for their small hometown. Not a one of them has refrained from showing some arrogance when joking about small towns. And notably, those very cities are falling apart from decades of one-party Democrat rule. Not only are there a lot of small towns, but there are sparsely populated big states with a lot of land like Wyoming and Montana. The U.S. has deemed about 25 percent of our land as wilderness (30 percent if you count Chris Stapleton’s beard).

    A lot of us live in smaller towns – for a reason. We take pride in our community, get involved and can have an impact. Jason Aldean’s song resonates with us. We do not share the values of big, decaying Democrat cities. And we are growing; they are not.

    The lefties know this, and it angers them. Thus, the faux outrage about a benign song. The song is Number One now, the consequence of the same pushback Bud Light and Target got when they tried to force their values on Americans in a heavy-handed, arrogant way. But we, as consumers, have the power to push back. Our power was made clear when we knocked to its knees the top brand of beer in America and reduced it to a bar joke. This reminds us that we are the consumers with the power, not government and not some woke, Ivy League elitist in the Bud Light marketing department in New York City.

    Consumers have the power to make or break a product. And a song like “Try That in a Small Town,” and a marginalized movie like “Sound of Freedom” remind us that we can overlay our value system on what we buy. Hopefully, it has just begun.

    The Jason Aldean song emphasizes both the First and Second Amendments. If you try hard enough, you can find a racial slight in anything. Maybe I should start a boycott of Walmart because I’m offended by their cracker aisle.

    The left keeps moving the goalpost of what is accepted or not. Let us just take history as it was and quit using it against our political enemies. They have gone after Confederate statues and vilified America’s Founding Fathers. With the left, the past changes so frequently that you never know what’s going to happen yesterday.

    My dad was in law enforcement in Columbia and president of the FOP. I once asked him who was the town drunk. He said, “We all take turns.”

    A libertarian op-ed humorist and award-winning author, Ron Hart is ex-Goldman Sachs, and retired as a Managing Director of Morgan Stanley. He can be contacted at or @RonaldHart on Twitter.

    Original Main Street Maury Article

  • 1 Aug 2023 11:34 AM | Brady Carr (Administrator)

    July 31, 2023

    Main Street Maury

    By a final vote of 6-5, the Maury County School Board rejected on Thursday, July 27 a proposal by American Classical Academy to establish a charter school, which would have been the first in Maury County.

    The Maury County School Board rejected a proposal by the American Classical Academy to establish a Charter School in a final vote of 6-5. FILE PHOTO

    The special called meeting came just over a week after the board deferred its decision due to the absence of two members.

    The application was first denied in April, with the board voting 6-5 against the proposal, citing concerns over transportation, finances and services for special populations, among others. ACA was granted the option to appeal the decision and submit an amended application within 30 days, with the committee given 60 days to review the application and bring it back to the board.

    “This has been something that’s a divisive issue across our state and across our nation and here we were thrown together, basically 11 strangers from different ways of thinking to pull this together and determine what’s best for the students of Maury County,” Chairman Michael Fulbright said.

    “Each of us have different views of what that is, but I have no doubt that there are 11 people up here and a room full of people who only want the best for the children of Maury County.”

    Fulbright made a motion to approve the amended application, which ultimately failed due to lack of support. A motion was then made by Vice Chair Bettye Kinser to deny, which passed 6-5.

    Kristen Shull, Laura Nutt, Jackson Carter, Fulbright and Austin Hooper voted in favor of ACE’s application, while Jamila Brown, Steve McGee, Will Sims, Wayne Lindsey, Marlina Ervin and Kinser voted to reject.

    In a statement released last Thursday following the vote, American Classical Education board member Dolores Gresham said the school board sided with special interests instead of local students.

    “It denied a high-quality classical public charter school for local families – a school that would bring time-tested instruction including phonics as an option to a community struggling with the continued illiteracy of its students,” Gresham said.

    Gresham also doubled down on claims that the committee plagiarized its report. Shortly after the board’s initial denial, ACA officials accused the district’s charter review committee of copying lines from other counties’ reports.

    “This decision is all the more frustrating because the Maury charter review committee plagiarized other non-publicly available reviews from other school districts. The board should have done such important work in light of the needs of Maury families – instead, they copied others,” Gresham said.

    Gresham added that the local ACE Maury Board is evaluating whether to file an appeal to the Tennessee Public Charter School Commission.

    “We stand with the hundreds of Maury County families that have voiced their desire for a tuition-free public school with a classical curriculum,” the statement concluded.

    If ACE goes forward with the appeal, the state has 75 days to provide a decision.

  • 1 Jul 2023 11:58 AM | Brady Carr (Administrator)

    Monthly Meeting of the Maury Count Republican Party

    Thursday June 22, 2023, 6:00 PM

    • 1.      Opening Prayer followed by the Pledge of Allegiance
    • Also, Senator Joey Hensley led us in the TN Pledge after being asked by Chairman Jerry Bridenbaugh.
    • 2.      Opening Statement – Jerry mentions our meetings are now the 4th Thursday of every month after last month’s vote. He thanked everyone for their support and feels we have accomplished a lot in a couple of months. Thank you all for your opinion in our Primary vs Convention poll. The poll showed our membership was in favor of a Primary and that is how the EC has voted. It will be on Super Tuesday March 5, 2024.
    • 3.      Minutes – Asked for any corrections. Jerry said our Treasurer’s last name is Hooper not Hopper. Motion made to correct, seconded, and approved with change.
    • 4.      Treasurer’s report – Todd Hooper –
    • a)      A PO Box has been purchased for MCRP use, $248 for the year.
    • b)     Current balance for county party is $1937.54 with new donations and memberships.
    • 5.      Announcements
    •  Chris Morris-
    • a)      July Giles County GOP Meeting- July 13th with Richard Archie of the TFA. You don’t want to miss hearing this guy speak. All invited! Brady will send out info on time and details.
    • b)     Thanks to Maury County for showing up big time for the meeting about county GOP parties PAC account last month.
    • c)       Buses for special session Aug 21st. Maury County will probably be meeting place for us and the other counties that will go. We will need to get to Nashville early to get seats before they get filled up. We also will be deciding on a shirt color, so our legislators know we are there supporting them.
    • 6.      By – Laws Vote – Jerry B- They have been revised, Lona was head of the committee. They have been approved by the executive committee. Now must be approved by membership. Voting is for members only and using the honor system so just vote if you are a member. It is a YES to approve or NO to not approve vote. Copies on table if you need to review, they had been sent via email to all members. RESULTS OF VOTE = approved UNANIMOUSLY.
    • 7.      March 5, 2024 Primary – see opening statements
    • 8.      Report from Sub-Committees -
    • a)      By-Laws -Lona Heins is chairperson = N/A
    • b)     Legislative committee -Chris Cervantes is chairperson = N/A
    • c)      Finance (Funding) – Chris Chumley is chairperson = N/A
    • d)     Membership – Jason Gilliam is chairperson = N/A
    • e)     Communication – Brady Carr is chairperson.
    • 1)     New email addresses for EC will be out in about a week or 10 days
    • 2)     Working on setting up additional social media
    • 3)     Has three businesses for sponsorship. The first one will be at our July meeting.
    • 4)     Donations cards on your table have a QR code that takes you online to make a donation.
    • 5)     E-mails from the MCRP often contain info for members only so you must sign in to read the message. Directions on how to sign in is listed on the emails. Also just ask via email or call if you need further assistance.
    • 6)     Jason Gilliam wanted everyone to know we will be having a booth at the Sheriff’s Rodeo in July. We do need volunteers to help man the booth. Let us know if you can help.
    • 9.      Legislative Updates
    • A)     Senator Joey Hensley (District 28)-
    • 1)     It’s an honor and a privilege to represent Maury County
    • 2)     Expecting the Governor to call a special session in August. The governor has proposed a bill he does not call a red flag law. Leadership would have to carry the bill as they do for the governor. Joey is not in favor.
    • 3)     Technically the special session has not been called yet.
    • 4)     If it is called there will be a lot of people here from out of state in favor of red flag laws.
    • 5)     New laws go into effect July 1.
    • 6)     The 3rd grade retention law is to help students not hold them back. There are options to help kids who do not pass, like summer school and tutors.
    • 7)     He is working with Scott Cepicky on bills for next year regarding impact fees for Maury County.
    • 8)     Question about school shooter manifesto - Joey feels the info is needed however there are lawsuits going on and he doesn’t except to hear anything before a special session might take place.
    • 9)     Question about illegals being brought in TN – Joes has not heard of any being flown or bussed in lately.
    • B)     Representative Scott Cepicky (District 64)
    • 1)     Following up on question about illegals. - The flights that had been coming in with illegals needed a sponsor. 2 of the first 3 kids screen had been abused. After further screenings it was found 2/3 had been abused.  
    • 2)     Scott says we need to show up for the special session. TN will be the only legislator in session in the country and people will come from all over to protest. It only takes 26 Republicans to vote for a red flag law for it to pass. He thinks there are 17 Republican votes right now who would vote to pass a red flag law. Scott is against any such bill.
    • 3)     Tennesseans should be deciding this issue and not people from outside the state.
    • 4)     Committees will be set up by the leadership at special session. It’s possible any proposed bill could die in committee.
    • -        Question about mental health- Scott says less than 1000 beds for inpatient mental health in TN. TN has large surplus of cash and needs to put it to work. Thinks public/private partnerships would be good to deal with mental health. Perhaps to build more mental health facilities.
    • C)     Kathey Grodi (County Commissioner District 6) (Budget Committee Chairman)
    • 1)     County budget passed 144 million and NO tax increase.
    • 2)     Vote no to 50 million to build a new school. School is not needed based on the number of kids. Thanks to commissioner Gabe Howard for his work on this one.
    • 3)     Approved new school buses. Need to help keep kids safe on the way to and from school.
    • 4)     The Sheriff got everything he asked for this year.
    • 5)     Passed a balanced budget and got it done early!
    • 6)     Kathey encourages you to go to school board meetings and county commission meetings.
    • D)     Laura Nutt (School Board Member District 5)
    • 1)     Special session to vote on charter school July 18th at 6 pm.
    • 2)     Will be open to public comment.
    • Motion to adjourn, seconded and approved. Time 7:29PM with 69 in attendance this evening.
    • Chris Wilson
    • Recording Secretary
    • MCRP

    Executive Committee

    X = in Attendance

    X_ Jerry Bridenbaugh -Chair

    X_ Lona Heins – Vice Chair

    X_ Brady Carr – Cor Secretary

    X_ Chris Wilson – Rec Secretary

    X_ Chris Chumley -Vice Treasurer

    X_ Todd Hooper -Treasurer

    _ Debbie Matthews – Past Chair

    _ Chris Cervantes -MCYR

    X_Cindy Rial - MCRW

    X_ Chris Morris - SEC

    _ Angie McClanahan - SEC

  • 1 Jun 2023 11:48 AM | Brady Carr (Administrator)

    Monthly Meeting of the Maury Count Republican Party

    Thursday May 25 6:00 PM

    ·        1.      Call to order - Jerry called the meeting to order at 6:07pm.

    ·        2.      Prayer followed by the Pledge.

    ·        3.      Minutes – Jerry asked if all members received and if any changes. Some mentioned they did not get them; they should confirm their info on the MCRP website member portal. Should be going to all members and following Roberts Rule of Order if any corrections let us know. As no corrections minutes approved.

    ·        4.      Treasurer’s report – Todd Hopper is new Treasurer – appointed tonight in the EC meeting. Chris Chumley Vice Treasurer gave report. $575.14 in the PAC while $1156.88 in the general fund. Current expenses include building rental,   food, and Red Dot Storage. MCRP Has gained 4 new members. Motion to approve, 2nd motion made and approved by voice vote.

    ·        5.      Update on PAC and QR Code

    ·        Chris Morris- Counties going to 1 PAC account per SEC meeting Chris M attended on April 22nd. On June 8th there is a meeting to learn about PAC, meeting at 6 pm Elks Lodge Pulaski. Everyone is invited to attend.

    ·        Brady Carr- Cards on table have QR code that leads to Maury GOP donations page. Info needed to donate is listed including employer as required by ethics and finance in Nashville. Yes, even if you are donating tonight to help with food costs, all info is required.

    ·        6.      E-Mail Address for Officers -Brady Carr – working to get set up for officers and can do for committee heads as well. Can be used by the next group of officers as well. No longer will need to use personal email. Jerry stated that all emails will be stored on a server, and this takes off liability from using personal email accounts.

    ·        7.      Meeting Day Discussion and Vote – Jerry B- Want to move meeting from 4TH Monday to 4th Thursday of each month. Less conflict for County Commissioners who usually have meetings first of week.  Jerry has confirmed all 4th Thursdays the building is available thru October. Forms on table for membership to vote. A YES vote is a vote to move to Thursday. A NO vote is a vote to keep it on Monday.  VOTE TAKEN and it is voted to move to Thursday by a vote of 45 for the move and 9 wanting to keep it on Mondays.

    ·        8.      Report from Sub-Committees

    ·        a)      By-Laws -Lona is chairperson – has 3 volunteers now. Needs to be done and submitted to the state GOP by July 31.

    ·        b)     Legislative committee -Chris Cervantes is chairperson. Has 3 volunteers now

    ·        c)      Finance (Funding) – Chris Chumley is chairperson - Has 4 volunteers now.

    ·        d)     Membership – Jason Gilliam is chairperson. 1 volunteer now. Looking for 2 more. Will also working with communication committee.

    ·        e)     Communication – Brady Carr- e-mailed night of MRCP reorganization asking for login to all social media. Twitter and Telegram accounts deleted by prior EC.  SEC member and former EC member not giving him full access to Facebook, he is only able to post. On the 1st of June he will start a new page if not given full access to the current page. He would like this issue settled quietly. There are currently 2 Maury County GOP Facebook pages. A new one would be the third. Reach is down 70% and no new members have been added to the current Facebook page. Page currently has 2069 followers so all would be lost if had to start a new Facebook page.

    ·        -Any surveys sent out to members will blind surveys. Keep an eye on spam folders incase emails go there.

    ·        - Looking at sponsors to help with fixed costs of MCRP. Has 2 lined up so far and 2 who are on hold at moment. Sponsorships run June 2023 to May 2024. Sponsor would get 10 minutes to speak at MCRP monthly meeting and table set-up. Business link on MCRP website and be listed on bi-monthly MCRP newsletters. Cost $1500 for the year. Would need 10 to cover yearly fixed costs of MCRP.

    ·        9.      Floor Discussion Caucus v Primary- Jerry B- Open discussion with membership about having a primary vs caucus. It will be decided by the EC but would like membership input before a decision is made. Comments listed below from the floor and legislators in attendance.

    ·        -        In favor of primary as we have lots of independents now, it will force politicians to declare if democrats or republicans by 2nd time around. It matters who leads.

    ·        -        Primary has crossover voting.

    ·        -        Does not affect state or federal elections.

    ·        -        “R” next to name was appreciated last year.

    ·        -        Strategy- voter base influx. Primary opens opportunity to get more republicans involved. Obligates us to get more voter turnout.

    ·        -        Will be signs at voting centers letting people know it is illegal to crossover vote.

    ·        -        If democrats have no primary, they will come and vote in the republican primary.

    ·        -        It was hard to get candidates last year with caucus. Williamson County had 2500 democrats vote in primary last year for Jack Johnson.

    ·        -        If the caucus is done correctly, it is good and increased voter turnout in Giles County.

    ·        -        State Legislators would have to enact putting a D or R next to candidates for city elections. It was done last year for the school board and county commission.

    ·        -        Primary would be easier for democrats who are fed up with their party to switch to republicans. We should encourage this and make it easy for them.  We need more people to vote.

    ·        -        Next year is an off year with half of the school board up for election.

    ·        -        Vetting process keeps democrats out of republican party.

    ·        -        If we had closed primaries, would it matter? YES

    ·        -        Caucus could affect younger voters and keep some of them out of the process.

    ·        -        There is no perfect solution.

    ·        Jerry B -Any additional comments or questions send them to the EC through the website. Look for possible surveys to come out as well.

    ·        10.   AUGUST SPECIAL SESSION – MCRP and some other county parties are looking at getting a busload of people to attend the called special called session in Nashville. Be on the lookout for additional information.

    ·        Motion to adjourn, seconded.  Approved and adjourned at 7:29PM

    ·        Chris Wilson

    ·        Recording Secretary

    ·        MCRP

    Executive Committee  X = in Attendance

    X_ Jerry Bridenbaugh -Chair

    X_ Lona Heins – Vice Chair

    X_ Brady Carr – Cor Secretary

    X_ Chris Wilson – Rec Secretary

    X_ Chris Chumley -Vice Treasurer

    X_ Todd Hopper -Treasurer

    _ Debbie Matthews – Past Chair

    X_ Chris Cervantes -MCYR

    _Cindy Rial - MCRW

    X_ Chris Morris - SEC

    _ Angie McClanahan - SEC

  • 30 Apr 2023 11:52 AM | Brady Carr (Administrator)


    Maury County GOP Membership Meeting 4/24/2023

    Meeting held 6:00pm at Memorial Building 308 W 7th St. Columbia, TN 38401

    89 people in attendance

    • Treasures report by Kathi Grodi PAC account balance $550.14   General account balance $232
    • Chairman Bridenbaugh announced five newly formed subcommittees and asked for volunteers.
    • Scott Cepicky (House District 64) report- $56B budget on $37B is recurring; safety -$28M homeland security officers, $140M SROs will use dollars to add an officer to each school (proposed) $40M – school safety (cameras, ballistic glass), $14M for private school safety: $8M for mental health at schools.  $125M teacher raises, $15M 6 wk. paid family leave teachers, $1B-TCAT centers _6 new TCATS & improve existing TCATs, $7.6M K-3 tutoring, $21M learning camps/summer school, $18M -pre-K add moderate incomes to kids who can come to Pre-K, $3B transportation modernization plan ($750M to Maury Region), $300M locals get bridges, roads etc., $6B TDOT, Duck River Bill passed, Impact Fee still being looked at.
    • Kip Capley (House District 71) report- vote for expulsion for the 3 rogue house members, he and Scott voted to expel all 3 of the members, will vote no for any gun grab, red flag law..etc.
    • Joey Hensley (District 28) report – budget surplus, added Judge to 22ND District, cut business taxes, less 100K doesn’t ay business taxes, no sales tax for 3 months on groceries, added to pension plan, $250M added to rainy day fund (it’s over $2B), One of strictest anti-abortion laws in US, abortion illegal in TN
    • James Amundsen – Andy Ogles office encouraged everyone to sign up for the newsletter. Townhall May 15th at 5:00pm, he has proposed more legislation and amendments than any other freshman on 118th Congress, Ukraine bill -put Biden admin under responsibility for oversight, Go Woke Go Broke Act- eliminate Treasury Dept D.E.I on financial institutions, Stop the Invasion Act – stop any border crossing when numbers get too high, Andy on House Finance Committee.
    • Laura Nutt – District 5 School Board Member discussed the objection by the review panel for the Charter School proposed in Maury County Classical Charter School Objections: 1) Lack of alignment with TN Standards 2) No evidence their instructional practices will close achievement gap and no remediation plan 3) Already a classical education school in Columbia 4) Lack of transparency in board 5) Do not have compelling rationale on how they will accomplish 6) Budget Issues 7) They don’t cover special needs 8) Not an interest in Maury County 8) School Board meeting 4/25/2023 at 6:00pm, show up at 5:30.
    • Meeting was adjourned.

  • 3 Apr 2023 11:47 AM | Brady Carr (Administrator)


    From the negative response shown by the members who attended the April monthly meeting it is pretty obvious that the VAST majority of Republicans in Maury County are against any type of Red Flag Law.  Thanks to all three of our local state legislators (Sen. Hensley, Rep. Cepicky, Rep. Kapley) for voicing strong opposition to the proposed bill.  None of them will protect children, or others, from those bent on violence, and no Red Flag law appears to be constitutional.  Furthermore, most seem to find it very troubling that the so called Manifesto or other details about the Covenant shooter haven't been released, but a new state law limiting the rights and freedoms of law abiding citizens can be produced in days.

    So to assist the members of the Maury County Republican Party in making up their own minds on this issue below is a link to the actual legislation as well as an informative news article on this issue.

  • 1 Mar 2023 11:45 AM | Brady Carr (Administrator)

    Maury County Republican Party

    Membership Meeting

    February 27, 2023

    Memorial Building

    The meeting was opened by Debbie Matthews who presented the prayer.  Kim Smith led the Pledge to the flag.

    Debbie introduced Julie Quan, former Chair of the Marshall County Republican Party.  Julie brought hats to offer for donations and Debbie pointed out that although the donation hats benefit Marshall County Republican Party, the Maury County Republican Party receives $5.00 donation for each hat at our meetings. 

    Debbie then pointed out the “We the People” tees shirts being offered for donation by the MCRP. 

    Kathey Grodi’ gave the treasurer’s report.  The general account contains $4,772.53 and no activity in the PAC account and that balance is $3,435.42.  Kathey said the treasury report will be uploaded onto the website. 

    Debbie recognized Janie McGee with a framed certificate for her dedicated contribution as Volunteer Coordinator for the MCRP.  Janie received a standing ovation from the audience.  Debbie also recognized the food servers who are so faithful in their service.

    Debbie explained the reason for passing of the hat.  The hat was sent from table to table for donations.    Sign-in sheets were also passed out.

    Debbie pointed out that Scott Cepicky was still in a session on Capitol Hill and could not join us tonight.  She said Scott wanted to bring us up to date on the recent vote to stop Drag Shows for minors and to stop the sex changes for minors.  She said if Scott could get her before we adjourn, he will be given time to speak.

    Michael Fulbright was asked to come forward to speak to the membership regarding the Maury County charter school application for a charter school for classical education.  He pointed out two school board members present, School Board members Nutt and McGee. 

    Mr. Fulbright gave a brief history of the application process and how the MC School Board is actively involved in it.  The completion of the process should be around the end of April of this year.  He encouraged everyone to talk to their school board members and tell them their opinion regarding the opportunity for a choice for our students to acquire a classical education.  If Maury County is given this opportunity, the American Classical Education will start with K-5 and add a grade each year to eventually have K-12 school.

    Mr. Fulbright said the American Classical Education system is viewed as a partner, another option for children and families.  He described this as a unit school, and an wonderful opportunity for our public school system.

    After Mr. Fulbright spoke, Debbie supported the proposal for charter school by pointing out that McDowell School property and St. Andrews property would be excellent locations for a charter school.  She also reminded everyone that the charter school takes 96% of allotted money will follow a student whiles 4% of those monies will stays at the administrations level of the public school system.  The charter school builds the building and pays the teachers.  Debbie asked everyone to make it a point to contact their school board members to tell them we want this charter school in Maury County.

    Debbie recognized Commissioner Gabe Howard to report on the Maury County Property Taxpayer Protection Act.  He said that the previous Commission worked toward an Impact Fee, but the current commission took a different approach.  He reminded everyone that the City of Columbia recently imposed a $4500.00 water impact fee.  He asked members to type into their cell phones, and vote yes to support the PTPA.  He said Representative Cepicky is working hard to pass this bill.  Wednesday the Commission will take a Maury County School bus to go to Cordell Hull to be there when the subcommittee votes. 

    Commissioner Howard said that the Duck River’s Scenic Riverway Bill is also going before the House Subcommittee tomorrow.  He said the commission is working hard to protect our single source of water.  He stressed the importance of the water problem in our county, and he said VOTEYESPTPA.COM is vitally important.  He asked for everyone to reach out to county commissioners to get this bill past.

    As Debbie was presenting Tiffany Boyd to discuss a film, she recognized Greg Combs and his non-profit Christian Radio Station WXRQ in Mt. Pleasant, TN.   Greg had given Tiffany Boyd a radio show to talk about home schooling.  That show has 2.9 million listeners.

    Tiffany introduced herself as a former tenured school teacher, a 19 year homeschooling parent, founder of Free Your Children, LLC and Free Your Children Radio Show on WXRQ 1460 AM Christian Radio.  She said the mission of Free Your Children is to share the truth in love about education and to empower, equip, and encourage parents to assume the Biblical mandate to disciple and teach their own children.  She said the government’s job is not to serve as a surrogate parent.  She said as Christians, we must stand together to protect God ordained parental rights and encourage parents to assume there Biblical responsibility.

    Tiffany announced the upcoming screening of a documentary sponsored by WXRQ Radio and Free Your Children, entitled, “Truth and Lies in American Education”.  She said the film is a project of USPIE (United States’ Parents Involved in Education). It will be shown at the April meeting of the MCRP.   She said the focus on exposing comprehensive sex ed, CRT, the transgender influence, the wedge government education forms between parents and children, and Federal education scheme to control the nation’s workforce.  She said due to the current political climate, the mission of USPIE has shifted to emphasized the important role parents and communities have in the education of their children.  She said the souls of our nation’s children are at stake.

    Debbie then advised the membership she had tried to contact Scott Cepicky, but he is still in session and may not make this meeting tonight.   Senator Hensley is also trying to get to the meeting tonight.

    Debbie gave a brief history of the Reorganization time lines.  She then re-announced March 27, 2023 as the Reorganization Meeting at the 4-H Center, 850 Lyon Parkway.  Doors open at 5:00 pm.  She stated that to run for office (or vote), you must have voted Republican in 3 out of 4d most recent primaries.  The primaries affected are August, 2022, August, 2020, March 8, 2020, August, 2018.  A Chair candidate must have voted 3 out of 3 most recent primaries with the primaries affected are August, 2022, August, 2020, March, 2020.  She reminded any Chair candidates to send an email of intent to run to Sandy Henson via e-mail by the deadline of March 20, 2023.

    Debbie introduced Chris Morris and Angie McClanahan, along with the State Republican Party Chairman, Scott Golden.  Chris opened by explaining that he understands there has been some confusion and a slippery slope for the process of “vouching”.  Chris explained that how vouching has caused issues in the past, and Maury County cannot “grandfather” the list of people who were vouched for in January, and those who were “grandfathered”, do not have an automatic pass to vote in the MCRP reorganization.  He said he had 5 people on the list that have no voting record.   He reminded that if a voter has moved here and does not have a recent voting record for Maury County, then voters must get their voting record from their previous address.  He said it is up to the individual voter to get their proof of voting from previous address.  He said each voter for the reorganization must have 3 out of 4 Republican votes to be bona fide.  The EC has said no vouching.  He offered himself, Angie, and Scott to answer questions.  He pointed out that 58 counties out of 93 in Tennessee have still got to go through reorganization.  Two counties do not have a County Republican party, Moore and Wake County. 

    Chris said, “May the best person win as Chair.”  He pointed out that if a male wins, the Chair must be female, and if a female wins, a male must be a Vice Chair.  He said you do not have to be a paid member, but you must be active and bona fide.

    Chris recognized Kathey Grodi’ who asked for clarification on whether the SEC or EC said no vouching.  Chris said it was told to him that the MCRP will not vouch, and he stressed that the SEC will not vouch.  This created a heated discussion regarding whether or not vouching should still continue through this reorganization.  Brady Carr, and Adam Martin, also questioned the vouching process.  Scott Golden then spoke and reminded that the rules want two things, “We want people to participate, and we want people to vote.”  He gave a brief history of the past few elections.  Brady continued to question a January meeting to see who could be clarified as bona fide.  Debbie then spoke up to say that we had voting no new vouching, but we had wanted to “grandfather” those who were vouched for last election. 

    At this point, questions continued with examples of whether or not some commissioners should be vouched for, even though they still do not have their bona fide voting records.  The State of Washington was pointed out as a state that does not give out voting records.  Scott offered to see what he could do to get that member’s voting record from Washington state.

    Laura Nutt stood and said she was a registered Republican and she was bona fide and was asked to run for office.  Chris read from the election records and said Ms. Nutt registered to vote August 13, 2012, but the first vote she participated in was August, 2022.  That gave her a voting record of only 1 out of 4.  After a heated exchange, she left the meeting.  At this point, Scott asked the members if they wanted lower/less standards for the Republican party.  The verbal answer was, “No”.  Scott stated that “this is not about whether or not you are a good Republican, it’s whether or not you qualify to participate in a reorganization.”  Scott also pointed out that no one is a “registered Republican.”  We go by voting records in order to be called
    “bona fide”. 

    Some members pointed out that the MCRP did not say they were vouching during the last membership meeting.  Scott said vouching is “grace” and can be given, if possible.  He cited deployed military, voters who were too young to vote, etc.

    At this point, Angie stood to say that She, Chris, and Scott are the last word on vouching and they will not vouch, even if the EC vouches.

    Comments continued, from the members.  Some did not like this public display of differences.  As the heated discussion continued, Chris continued to say that “this is what happens when you vouch for people who don’t have a voting record.”   He pointed out that 5 voters were approved that should have never been put on the ballot. Angie agreed that voting requirement were not always met. 

    Gabe said that not vouching was voter suppression.  Scott then said, “If I show up at the Rotary Club, would I get to vote in a private organization?” “Would that be suppression?” 

    Ray Jeter stood and spoke of division in the party than he has seen.  Vouching during the election should not have been done, but it happened and those individuals who were vouched for should be able to vote. 

    A speaker pointed out that The Republican Party has offended a number of people tonight. 

    Chris said The Republican Party has a set of rules and we have to follow them.  He said it’s not Scott’s fault, nor his or Angie’s or the EC’s fault, but we have to follow the rules. 

    Kathey gave a history of the EC’s decision to not vouch.  She reasoned that the EC might vouch for someone, but the SEC will not vouch for those.  She sympathized for voters, but the EC’s heart was to try to be inclusive.

    Scott gave a brief background of the Tennessee Republican Party Bylaws from 1993.  At that date, 2 out of 4 Republican votes in primaries was the standard.  In 2017, it was changed to 3 out of 4 votes in primaries.  He said this MCRP-EC has said we are going to raise the standards.

    Kenny Morrow spoke and said people who are sitting in office will not be vouched for.  He said because of our splintering, could we not the one time just grandfather them in?  The conversation continued and was debated.  He asked for a onetime grace for those officials who were elected.  Tom Cowan pointed out that she has been registered since 2012, and we do not need Republicans who don’t vote.  Scott then said that this is a decision that this body has made to keep the rules tight.  He said hopefully people will have voted and this issue will end, but he thinks there will always be those who will not vote.

    At this point, Debbie stood to speak to the group and said we are a big fat, healthy, Republican baby.  She said that anyone can come to vote if they are bona fide and active, whether they are a member or not.

    Debbie asked everyone to stand and sing, “God Bless America.”  After the song, the meeting adjourned.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Sandy Henson

    Recording Secretary

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